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Our picture of Africa

Many feel uneasy about how Africa is presented and understood. Lately, there has been an interesting twist in this debate: African voices have seriously joined.

Av Stian Antonsen og Sigrun Johnstad

A younger generation, living both inside and outside Africa, is taking over the continent debate. Professor of social anthropology at the University of Cape Town, Cameroonian Francis Nyamnjoh, describes these new voices as follows: read the signals, that what they want is freedom on their own terms. "

Nyamnjoh himself works at Cape Town University – the South African university that was the center of the student movement "Rhodes Must Fall". It was this movement that succeeded in removing the statue of imperialist Cecil Rhodes from the university campus, after it had been singled out as the foremost symbol that racism is still alive and well in South Africa. Rhodes Must Fall is among those who believe that a rematch is necessary.

The Black Lives Matter movement in the USA is also about this rematch against racism, and in Norway we have a new generation of Norwegian Africans who identify with. . .

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