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Out of control?

Does the UDI not have control over privately run asylum centers? The accounts of Norway's second largest receiving operation, Link AS, show over a number of years a profit of NOK 5 million more than budgeted in the tender budget. Is it the case that some privateers are hurting others' misery?

Co-writer: Øystein Windstad.

With the enormous growth of asylum seekers in Norway, a number of reception centers are now being set up very quickly. The public sector will spend large sums on reception operations, and the receptions are run by either private companies, municipalities or non-profit organizations. Ny Tid sits on documents that show that Norway's second largest company for reception centers has driven several receipts with profits well above budget. These budgets are, according to the UDI, binding for the recipients (see case file).
In 2014, Link AS raised a moderate NOK 2 million in profits. After reviewing their budgets (see Link AS og Link Holding AS), Link AS transferred group contributions of NOK XNUMX million as group contributions to the parent company Link Holding AS, which was taken from there. . .

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Carima Tirillsdottir Heinesen
Former journalist for MODERN TIMES.

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