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Superhuman Pippi

Ur-Pippi (original script)
Forfatter: Astrid Lindgren
Forlag: Cappelen Damm (2007)
The original Pippi Longstocking script was rejected by Bonniers in 1944, but is now published as a separate book.

[children's story] In a dinner party at Olof Lagercrantz one spring day in 1966, publisher manager Gerard Bonnier boasted that it was he himself who had rejected the Pippi script that in 1944 came to Bonnier's Children's Library. The unknown and slightly nervous table lady who got the pleasure of hearing about this driving force was Ulla Lundquist, who in 1979 was going to take her doctorate on a dissertation on Pippi Longstocking. When Lundquist decided in the first half of the 1970 century for this project, she got unexpected help from Astrid Lindgren herself: The original typewritten script was intact and on loan!

In the mid-1970s, Lindquist contacted Gerard Bonnier again. But then the memory of Lagercrantz's dinner party was erased. "Well, it was not he himself who hastened the refusal, no, it must have been someone in the children's book editorial office." Honor the one who should be honored!

Will to power

Now the original script has finally been released, with Lundquist's supplementary comments. This original Pippi screenplay was written before Astrid Lindgren's debut Britt-Mari. . .

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