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Moments into the suffering of others

Norwegian Journal of Photography
DOCUMENTARY PHOTO: The opportunity is now to see what professional documentary photographers do.

To take photos, take a cut out of
time, is not it something everyone does constantly for the time being? Is therefore one
documentary photographer with his camera equipment more special than snapshots of
high quality in situations taken with people's ubiquitous smartphone?

Norwegian Journal of Photography number 4 has collected photos from eight professional photographers between two binders. The book has been published in collaboration with the exhibition Norwegian documentary photography at the Henie Onstad Art Center at Høvikodden – which will offer "alternative ways to see and understand events and situations that shape the world we live in." Well, consider what the alternative might be. The exhibition's 30 photographers show documentary expressions in reportage photography and contemporary art, according to curator Susanne Østby Sæther. The project is supported by Fritt Ord, who wants to produce documentary expressions in contemporary times.


Photographers in the Norwegian Journal of
Photography – where at least half is exhibited at Høvikodden – tries according to
the preface to work essayistically. As Gerry Badger writes, the photographs are theirs
also "serious" – that is. . .

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