By Else Nordhagen and Einar Flydal

5G is being sold as "the wireless revolution that changes everything". One of the many thousands of researchers, doctors and nurses who are calling in various appeals FN and individual states to halt the development, on the other hand, says: "5G is the most insane idea anyone could ever think of!" Why is he doing it? Well, because of the damaging effects:
# 5G is the technology that will drive our globe in to the environmental problems with even greater speed. 5G reinforces the damage we have done to the biosphere and life on Earth. There are excited calls for how 5G should give us more freedom in a "smarter" society.
This is the depressing picture we are left with after an enthusiastic working life in the ICT sector. And we're not alone.

Damage findings are rejected

We are many who see that the future doesn't turn out the way we dreamed. "# The green shift #" cannot take place using Things. . .

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