On paved paths

COMMENT / : Could our military and political leaders wake up and take hold of a fate far more serious than the pandemic that has hit the world?


The new long-Term Plan, launched last Friday, does not provide defense chief Haakon Bruun-Hanssen everything he wants (Ifølge Evening posts 17.4, neither the Army Brigade nor the new frigates he wanted), but there will be 3000 more conscripts and several helicopters. It seems that you have not yet captured all the new thoughts and questions to, threats and security, about friend and foe, as a result of the corona crisis.

Some will remember Gro Harlem Brundtland his triumph in WHO in 2003 over that SARS was defeated. Huat the same time issued a warning that a new epidemic could come at any time and be more dangerous - one had bad time with building up medical to against this threat. In November, she had to determine that too little was done. It's just to admit that the unilateral focus on military threats and measures has resulted in poor medical readiness.

To the rescue?

Da pandemica hit in central europe, it was not a country of alliance and union that came to the rescue first. Russia, China and Cuba were faster abroad. Such an extended hand from countries we have stressed and provoked for generations does not quite fit with our ideas of what and who is threatening us.

It is hardly the western side that has the greatest real reason for sleeping poorly at night.

When someone asks if it is wise with an ever-increasing presence of American forces on Norwegian territory, the constant answer is that the Russians are warned and told that they are not. . .

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