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Walking through the cemetery in Port-au-Prince

Good Vision
HAITI / VOODOO / A young Haitian named Britis filmed one of the most notable documentaries recently. But it's only halfway into the movie that even the most vigilant viewer discovers who – or what – the

The amazing camera work in Good Vision however, did not result in membership in any photography association – such organizations tend to exclude four-legged members. Britis is a goat. In the film, the British cemetery visits and explores the Grand Cimetière in Port-au-Prince Haiti – a permanent home for many of his kind, as well as for numerous people, both living and dead.

Britis was equipped with harness and a GoPro camera and was thus able to perpetuate for posterity their travels through a cemetery which is sprinkled with grave supports. Geita's services were hired for a day's recording of an artist trio – Steevens Simeon from Haiti and two steady Brazilians, Jefferson Kielwagen and Marcos Serafim. This happened during the fifth Ghetto Biennale in Port-au-Prince – a sober counterpart to the large and relatively lavish V. . .

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