Towards a united humanity

We live in the midst of a world historical drama where revolutionary hope must be kept equal. Only in this way can we build civilization for everyone, claims philosopher Alain Badiou.

Philosopher. Permanent literary critic in MODERN TIMES. Translator.
Published: December 3, 2018
I Know There Are So Many Of You
Author: Alain Badiou
Publisher: Polity Press, United Kingdom

The new book by 85-year-old French philosopher Alain Badiou is like the previous one, The real life, addressed to the youth. Since the lyrics are based on speeches he has given to high school students and art students in Paris, they seem immediate and educational, giving Badiou free letters to explain basic points without having to include a skeptical academic audience. The contact with students also allows Badiou to circle back to the 68 rebellion, where he himself was involved, and to reflect on what has happened since.

The world is young!

The first of the two lectures in the book opens with a reminder of what Badiou calls…

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