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On the day of the dream, we get up at four in the morning

Who will carry firewood and water if the house ten-year-old is allowed to start school? This was just one of the many issues Unni Rustad witnessed in her work in Afghanistan. Ny Tid presents here two of Rustad's Afghan stories.


A nine-decade-old country boy is constantly coming to his mother, full of news; he has to start school! Mother does not become gentle.

"Who's going to work at home then?" She says. "Who will carry wood and water?"

"But mom, I want to study, I want to be a doctor or an engineer," the boy tries.

"Shut up! I'll ask your father to beat you when he comes! '

"No one in our family goes to school, what do you think?" The father cries when he hears what's going on.

"The other kids go to school," the boy cries.

“School is for the rich. You have to work with me to feed the family, school is not for poor people, ”says Dad, grabs the boy and punches.

It knocks on the door. A teacher comes to visit and gets the whole story.

“You are a man without education, and now you want your son to learn nothing either. If you do not

have knowledge, you can not know God, "says the teacher to the father,. . .

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