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Palestine, Portugal, pluralism

MANAGER: When is more independent identity important, and not?

Let me take this time for more examples indentity is problematic. Who-you-are and where-you-belong-to is still debated.

As usual, Norway's Foreign Minister led the Donor Group for Palestine (AHLC) – this time at Oslo City Hall for a couple of hundred participants, such as Palestinians, Israelis, the United States, the EU, Russia, the UN and other key countries. Anniken Huitfeldt began by emphasizing that Norway is working for that Palestine gets its own state – the two-state solution. In the long run, this could mean that the Palestinians realize their own identity independently of Israel. Huitfeldt emphasized at the same time that Norway is a partner for both parties. Afterwards, therefore, MODERN TIMES asked in a separate interview how the government views that Israel recently, six Palestinian humanitarian organizations defined as terrorist organizations (or that these...

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Palestine, Portugal, pluralism

When is more independent identity important, and not?

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