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The pandemic exhibits dictatorship states

Forfatter: Sabina Berman
Forlag: Planeta, (Mexico)
LATIN AMERICA / Mexican Sabina Berman's novel, HDP, is self-experienced from the interior of a mega-group. In a Latin America with 9 percent of the world's population, and 32 percent of the world's covid 19 dead.

This article was translated by Google and R.E.

The theme is not new: the greedy and inhumane neoliberal world order, which, especially in the third world like Latin America, degrades the living and working conditions of the majority. And as the global covid-19 pandemic only worsens.

Mexican author, playwright and journalist Sabina Berman shows in her latest book, HDP, how an ultra-rich businessman, Hugo David Prado, is at the forefront of a multinationally successful but ruthless enterprise that benefits from hundreds of thousands of people's manpower and collaboration. The indignation over the state of the world has characterized Sabina Berman's works since she was a young feminist in the late 1960s. HDP is an elegant manufacture of the world's polished floors reserved for a small elite of billionaires or trillionaires. HDP is in Spanish the abbreviation for hijo de puta – son of a bitch – which both in the novel but also in the real world for Sabina Berman is this elite world top.

She resigned as a TV host in one of Mexico's largest media groups in protest of the lack of respect for human life intensified during the pandemic in the form of the demand that the most vulnerable workers continue their work – or get fired.

“There are many HDPs in the world and they have never been as powerful as they are today and freed from the control of other powers. . .

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Rune V. Harritshøj
Writer living in Buenos Aires.

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