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Paradoxical book about birds

The wonderful world of birds
We are many who love the birds and know a closeness to these beautiful, flying creatures. Jim Robbins is one of them, and with the love of the birds as a backdrop, he has written the book The Wonderful World of Birds.

It is not the absence of snow that tells me that spring is coming. It is the sudden presence of birdsong. Bird song in the spring gives me a kind of lift in my chest, as if something opens up and makes room for a more airy room inside me. A room that makes me healthier, happier and a little more hopeful. I think: The birds are still here.

Many bird species are in sharp decline worldwide. They become fewer each year like insects and many other animals – as a result of climate change, habitat degradation and the use of pesticides. . .

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Nina Ossavy
Ossavy is a stage artist and writer.

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