The famous Italian philosopher Giorgio Agamben has warned against the authorities' handling of the corona pandemic. He envisions «extremely serious ethical and political consequences» promoted by the new security and preparedness regime. He is afraid of how state powers exploit the crisis for more totalitarian control and «biopolitics», but not the least of which is what kind of life we ​​are left with when life is mostly about survival – as a «naked life» («just life» from his Homo Sacer series).


The criticism against him after these statements he made in both Italy's il Manifesto and France's Le Mondeis that he does not pay attention to "the others," that is, the weakest who are most likely to die. Precisely the reason for the government's health measures against the corona virus.

But Agamben's objections to the authorities cannot simply be swept away. At the same time, we must not be naive, as the virus pandemic will probably be long-lasting. Are the European authorities truthful about how long the measures will last? Because you can not lock in a population for 12-18 months, before a vaccine has been developed? And just as important is the question of whether the cure can be worse than the disease.

The numbers

So where do we go? In April, the number of infected globally may increase explosively from one. . .

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