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The philosophy of life and nature

natural Philosophy
Forfatter: Sigurd Hverven
Forlag: Dreyers Forlag (Norge)
How should we understand nature's relationship to our man-made culture?

Nature cannot be taken for granted, it concerns our entire existence. This is the starting point for natural Philosophy by Sigurd Hverven, which I have read with great pleasure. The message is important and at times complex, the tone is factual and subdued, and the fine, fluent language makes the book accessible to most.

The author himself says that he wants to introduce philosophical thinking about nature. At the same time accommodate natural Philosophy a dose of independent thought activity that in the last chapter leads to a sketch of a new, holistic way of thinking about life. We will return to that.

The context of the assignment is that we live in a revolutionary time. After thousands of years of a stable natural environment, changes are now taking place. . .

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Svein Hammer
Hammer is a dr.polit. in sociology and regular reviewer in Ny Tid.

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