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Pill rotten and plain

"If the people really understood how banking works, there would be a revolution tomorrow."
- Henry Ford 


Joris Luyendijk:
Swim with sharks
Arneberg Publishing, 2015


Joris Lyendijk is a Dutch digging journalist and author with a long time in the Middle East, including in Gaza. Before the Guardian newspaper asked him to appear in London's financial world, he knew as little about banking and financial institutions as most people; that the banking world consists of shady, greedy men in dark blue Boss suits and polished black shoes, who are constantly seeking out new ways to earn rich at our expense. Lyendijk knew that this business was different today than when Mark Twain described the banker as a person who "on death and life will lend you his umbrella – but who wants it back as soon as he notices the first drops of rain". Lyendijk knew that he was entering an arena where secrecy and business go hand in hand, and where the frivolity and revelations about how the system actually works, not just right, but guaranteed vile cost you the job.

Off course. Lyendijk spent almost two years studying the "soul" of London City. This was no easy task: Wherever he went, he met locked doors. Written inquiries were either. . .

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