Theater of Cruelty



During the first nine months of the year, the Pirates attacked 174 ships. Most of the attacks were bulk ships (39 ships), container ships (37), chemical ships (25), other cargo ships (19) and trawlers (15).

Most attacks occur in Indonesia, Nigeria and Bangladesh.

Norwegian ships have been under-represented in the attack list in recent years. In the first nine months of the year, two Norwegian ships have registered attacks. The worst years since 1994 have been 13 attacks in 1996 and 12 attacks in 2002.

From January to September this year, 163 sailors were captured by pirates; 20 were abducted; 29 were threatened, attacked or injured and 6 sailors were killed.

Although the number of attacks is declining, more people are being killed. In 2003, 21 sailors were killed by pirates, 30 in 2004, but none in 2005. Up to October 1 this year, six people were registered killed by pirates. In addition, there are people who have disappeared in connection with attacks. A number of attacks are never registered with IMO.

Source: ICC International Maritime Bureau

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