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Planetary urbanization

GLOBALIZATION / Wilderness disappears; continents become more closely linked; the distinction between town and country becomes more blurred; and urban inequality is increasing.

We live under conditions that the urbanists Neil Brenner and Christian Schmid ("Towards a new epistemology of the urban?", 2015) have termed "planetary urbanisation". This process has fundamentally changed the power relations in the world. The expression refers to far more than a demographic shift. Urban today is more than just a place. We find ourselves in a worldwide situation where all conditions – political, economic, social and ecological – meet regardless of location or morphology. Areas not usually considered urban per se, such as trade routes, parts of the Amazon or the Sahara desert, are today parts of an integrated, global urbanization process.

The "planetary urbanization" that Brenner and Schmid describe in their research, . . .

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Erik Berg
Erik Berg worked in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs / NORAD from 1978 to 2013. He now heads Habitat Norway.

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