The age of the platforms

Sad by Design: On Platform Nihilism
Forfatter: Geert Lovink
Forlag: Pluto Press (Storbritannia)
MEDIA / Author Geert Lovink analyzes contemporary use of social media and looks at a possible end to "platform nihilism".


The title says it most. And it's a bitter book, this. Written in an essayistic style, with self-narration, we discuss the things we all recognize from everyday life since social media became our entire world. Behavioral analyzes and fake news are hot topics, but there are also other, less visible changes that make themselves known: unclear
boundaries between work and private life, uncertainty created by constant accessibility, the paradoxical gap between the hyperindividualized subject and the social mentality of the media, the pressure to live a predictable life, constant social ranking, expanded – but invisible – hierarchies, indifference, hatred.

Despite the bitter tone, it is a pleasure to read the book. For it is not only observant; it gives the themes a larger context and places them in a historical context. Take for example the hype around big data and artificial intelligence: We are impressed by the knowledge we can get by analyzing huge amounts of information, at the same time we know that this means that information is collected about us, which in turn. . .

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