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Politicians on the ground

Hometown critics have made a cowardly and conscious choice: the US embassy should remain where it is for many years to come, and affect the lives of tens of thousands of people very negatively, writes Jan Borgen.


Few days before the election in September, Kari Pahle was asked about her views on the case regarding relocation of the US embassy in Oslo. "It's about finding a safe plot, because if we have an uncertain location of the US embassy, ​​it's also uncertain in relation to Oslo's population," she told NRK.

She thus kept a cool head, did not let the embassy placement become an election campaign issue, and rejected that SV needed to mark opposition to American interests in the placement case. For her, the core issue – the most important, overriding consideration – has always been the security of the embassy and the city's population. Naturally. Politics is a priority. Politicians' responsibility to weigh conflicting considerations, and. . .

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