Politics for peaceful coexistence?

Soft And Hard Power. Marco De Angelis (It). War Orchestra. See Libex.Eu

With the author: Hovstein Kviseth

Taking a stand for peace is often very political. It can concern major societal priorities.

It can be about saying no to bombing a country, and yes to an attempted mediation. It may be a matter of downgrading military deterrence, and prioritizing trust building. It can be a matter of prioritizing conflict resolution at a lower level, before a conflict escalates, or prioritizing reconciliation after the roar of war has subsided.

The Norwegian election campaign rarely allows for peace policy debate. It is therefore not easy to form an opinion on which peace policy alternatives one has to choose from in this autumn's elections. In order to inform the peace-interested voter in advance of the election, we have therefore reviewed the peace policy in the political programs the parties in the Storting are going to the polls this autumn.

Our analysis is based on a number of indicators. . .

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