In the same boat. About hyperpolitics / Nach Gott
Forfatter: Peter Sloterdijk
Forlag: Forlaget H//O//F/Suhrkamp Verlag (Norge/Tyskland)
What do we have left in the faithless society – where man will not obey any higher power, but himself be this power? 

Peter Sloterdijk's new little book in Norwegian about hyper policy thematizes the challenges of politics in a globalized society. Hyperpolitics must gather people "in one boat" to solve the problems we face. Sloterdijk begins his presentation of the political history of ideas – not with the high cultures of the Axis era (800 – 200 BC), but with the small groups of people that precede the great state formation.

A society is a society as long as it is imagined that it is a society. Sloterdijk describes three editions of "socially forming real imaginations" using shipping symbols: Treflåten represents the hunter and sanctuary community paleopolitikk (palaio – "old"); ruler frigates and state galleys refer to the classic politics of agricultural society; and finally, the third era's global trading community comes with its "super ferries that, due to its vast dimensions, can hardly be anchored and travel through a sea of ​​drowning people, with tragic turbulence along the hull and lamentable conferences on the possible art on board."


Sloterdijk paints with a wide brush, which he himself ironically associates with Hegel. But strangely enough, Marx is not mentioned. The relationship between mode of production and form of government is obvious: A hunting and gathering society cannot form the basis for a larger one. . .

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