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Political climate change

On Fire – The Burning case for a Green New Deal
Forfatter: Naomi Klein
Forlag: Simon & Schuster (USA)
TURNING POINT / Naomi Klein stands out as credible when she advocates a total transformation of society – a fight for justice in the name of climate.

This article was translated by Google and R.E.

Boken On Fire consists of a series of texts and lectures from 2010 to 2019 – a period in which the situation worsened enough for that turning point forcing himself forward. As in previous books, Klein's speeches are also frontline reports, post-storm Puerto Rico or from indigenous areas in Canada that are being ravaged by the oil industry's fracking projects.

The first text – "A Hole in the World" – is about the BP leak in the Gulf of Mexico, and Klein portrays the false minimization of risk that helped the oil company to obtain the deepwater drilling license. There was "virtually no danger of leaks," and any oil spills would be absorbed and purified by the natural systems. When the disaster was a fact and the hole in the seabed spewed millions of barrels of oil over weeks and months, all illusions of human control burst: The complexity of ecosystems was demonstrated day after day through a series of fatal and unpredictable effects.

Klein describes a meeting in Louisiana where a BP representative serves up foggy talks about how the company promises to do everything they can to improve their efforts, and that they are doing everything in their power to speak to a local fisherman who says: " We've had enough, we no longer trust you. " You pretend you know, but you know nothing – becomes the motto for the settlement of politicians and elites who have lost all credibility – a chorus that is also repeated in various forms by Greta Thunberg.

Attacking capitalism

Naomi Klein, Canadian journalist, internationally known for the book No logo.
Naomi Klein

When Greta Thunberg arrived in New York, she was, among other things, welcomed by Klein, who gives much room for Thunberg's uncompromising criticism in the book's introduction. Klein has even helped cut through the lies that have hindered climate action. IN On Fire Among other things, she describes her visit as a critical observer at the annual congress of The Heartland Institute, the most important think tank for conservative libertarian climate realists, which The Guardian reported in October has received (indirect) support from, among others, Google.¹ The Heartland Institute, referred to as lie factory, is known from its work with tobacco giant Philip Morris and may have contributed to Americans' belief in man-made climate changes fell from 71 percent in 2007 to 44 percent in 2011.

The Heartland Institute describes climate change as the perfect cause for the left: "[The] pretext that we must do everything they wanted to do no matter what." The Conservatives see science as a cover for political interests, but as Klein says: When the capitalists feel that the climate issue is an attack on everything they stand for, they are absolutely right! They have really understood the situation, namely that their dissociative exploitation, over-consumption and growth economy are the problem itself. . .

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