Politically correct porn book on French oppression

When the book was published in Paris last year, it either aroused disgust and condemnation or received tributes and cheers. The outcry came from both activist feminists and historians, as did the applause.

Sex, race and colonies has been edited by three historians (Pascal Blanchard, Nicolas Bancel, Christelle Taraud), one literary writer (Dominic Thomas) and one anthropologist (Gilles Boëtsch), all researchers at highly reputable institutions (CNRS, UCLA, Columbia). They brought with it 92 other academics to write the texts of the book's more than 1200 illustrations on sexual repression in the French occupations before, during and after the colonial era. But the text is – unfortunately – not the most important part of the book. It is the illustrations – the paintings, photographs, comics, advertisements, posters, magazine covers and jokes – that constitute the book itself; that's what takes up the space, it's what creates debate.


This is a book of dimensions: 544 pages in 29 × 31 cm format, 4,2 kg heavy and 65 euros expensive, it has 1200 illustrations selected from 70 found in public and private collections. It is written by 000 researchers, of which 97 are women, and concludes with more. . .

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