The inadequacy of the concept of populism

Populism: Le grand resentment
Forfatter: Éric Fassin
Forlag: Textuel (Frankrike)
Populism is not a negative response to neoliberalism, but neoliberalism's own instrument, says sociologist Éric Fassin.


Wherever we look, there are populists. In the US we have Trump, in the UK Nigel Farage, in France Le Pen, in the Netherlands Gert Wilders, in the Philippines Duterte. Populism is one of the most widely used explanations for the ongoing political upheaval that began in earnest with Brexit and continued with Trump's election victory and Le Pen's second place in France. The influential American magazine Foreign Affairs has recently had a thematic issue on the phenomenon, and according to the research institute YouGov, half of the populations in twelve European countries have «authoritarian populist attitudes». The Belgian political philosopher Chantal Mouffe speaks of us living in the «time of populism». In response to the financial crisis and the so-called refugee crisis, the people reject the elite and refuse to vote for the old parties. . .

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