One of the movies that got the most attention Sundance film festival in February, was the Norwegian director The artist and the thief av Benjamin Ree.

Oslo's residents may remember the theft of art in April 2015, when the Czech artist Barbora Kysilkova (Barbar) was preparing for an exhibition she was going to have at Gallery Nobel at Frogner. At lunchtime, two thieves broke into the gallery and painstakingly removed two large canvases, pin by pin, from the frames they were mounted in. Thanks to surveillance videos, police caught the two thieves, but the paintings Swan Song og Cloe and Emma was never found.

In the film, we see Kysilkova witnessing the crime through the surveillance video: "They dredged them with rope – tape and rope around the canvases!" she exclaims. The meta-observation sets the tone for the film's changing perspectives.

Incredible premise

Movies about art thefts are nothing new. Counterfeits, thefts, legal disputes over rights, unknown genius artists – the stories have found their way to the movie screen,. . .

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