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Power and resistance

Pavlensky – Man and Might
Regissør: Irene Langemann

Irene Langemann's documentary on Pjotr ​​Pavlenskij poses the question: Faced with extreme repression by the state, what can an individual do, other than resort to extreme actions?

What should an individual do when he sees things moving in a downward spiral? When an ongoing or upcoming disaster (political, social, technological) is not averted, but instead strengthened and promoted by organized forces, by rules and laws that declare any resistance as criminal or scandalous? That was the question Ted Kaczynski, otherwise known as the "Una bomber," posed, and his radical answer was to attack leading problematic characters, as portrayed in the film Das Netz (Nettet) from 2003 by Lutz Dammbeck.

Death for convictions. In a crucial moment in ancient Greek philosophy, Socrates chose not to fight his own execution, but instead to accept the city's laws. He did so even though the crime he was charged with, the moral corruption of the youth (by encouraging them to question the authorities), was a simple but effective attempt to challenge the leading forces. Socrates was killed for being a philosopher. In an astonishing devotion to his convictions, he remained in prison and refused to take the opportunity of escape he was offered. At that point in history, law and order outweighed the ability to practice philosophy.

Not even a confinement in a closed psychiatric ward for a month broke him.

Since then, territorial powers, called "states," have had ample time to perfect their capacity for control. Today, residents are monitored down to the smallest detail with the help. . .

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Wieczorek is a critic living in Paris.

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