A series of documentaries about Presidential campaigns from Kennedy to Trump can help us understand more about how to seduce people – or lead them off the edge.


To vote for a president is a lonely affair. Should one admit to being persuaded, or should one demand more – that is, to be persuaded through case? The world's most important presidential election in recent times – Kennedy, Nixon, Clinton, Obama and now Trump – has to that degree been characterized by emotion. So let's try to look behind the American showbiz:

Our method is to go through a series of documentaries around the presidential campaigns. For what were the presidential candidates' specific programs for a future United States, that is, the political issues to be promoted? Are these issues (or their execution) possible to spot behind rhetorical persuasion art with sparkling charm, sparkling faces and slick handshakes?

The campaigns are not necessarily pro-democracy. In the ubiquitous media society we have had since Kennedy, unfortunately, enlightened debate – the precondition for a democracy or democracy – has had to give way to entertainment. The stage lights are dazzling, many are fooled and really believe that a more or less charming new leader will help. . .

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