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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs receives hundreds of press inquiries every day. Who answers first?

[journalism] Is it the case that large media have better access to sources than smaller ones? Ny Tid asks press sources about priorities: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Gilde and information adviser in the Oslo police, Jørn-Kristian Jørgensen. We'll call him first.

- Hello, this is from New Time. Do you have a minute?

- I'm sitting on another phone, can you call me back?

Afterwards it is busy.

Then we call Guild.

- Hi, we are making a case about media pressure and priorities…

- Yes, I know a little about that. Nina Sundqvist, Gilde's communications director, just chuckles. Gilde has had over 10.000 media reviews in connection with the E.coli case this spring, around 3500 a month, compared to the normal 250. Sundqvist claims that they have tried to treat the media equally and that everyone has received answers, both large and small.

- It irritates me that the media does not

accepted. . .

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