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Primitive TV for whites

TV3's new reality show from "primitive cultures" in the South fits into the white man's long traditions of feudal mentality at the expense of other people, writes Ny Tids Harald Eraker.

The year was 1982. By chance, during a trip in Sri Lanka, I became aware of a brochure from the travel agency Tjæreborg. It advertised a charter trip from Copenhagen to Sri Lanka which included a week's exotic tour of the tropical island.

One of the exotic features – a visit to Sri Lanka's indigenous peoples, the Weddas – particularly piqued my interest. For in Tjæreborg's description of the lives and remains of the Weddas, the word "primitive" was suspiciously often used.

So I went to the Tjæreborg office in Colombo and asked them if it was possible for me to join the tour they were advertising, even though I was not part of the charter trip from Copenhagen. A couple of seats were available, so for a relatively inexpensive money I got a seat.

A few days later I was sitting with about thirty Scandinavian tourists in a Tjæreborg bus on my way into the Sri Lankan jungle. Over the loudspeaker, the Danish tour guide prepared us. . .

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