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Welcome to Chechnya Director David France USA

Systematic persecution, violence and torture against the invisible Chechnya

CONTROL: A group of activists put their lives at risk in the fight against Chechnya's relentless persecution of LGBT people.
This Is Not a Movie - Robert Fisk And The Politics of Truth Director Yung Chang

The war reporter close to the truth

PORTRAIT FILM: War Reporter Robert Fisk has the courage to monitor and challenge. He is known for reporting from the front lines in violation of the official line of politicians and authorities.
The Cave Director Feras Fayyad Denmark, Syria

"Fuck you, Bashar"

SYRIA: Feras Fayyad's new documentary shows people's courage, resilience and solidarity in a hospital under the bomb.
Faire-Part Directors Anne Reijniers, Rob Jacobs, Nizar Saleh and Paul Shemisi

Kinshasa's "perpetual theater"

CONGO: Four filmmakers find new ways to tell Kinshasa's story. They look to the city's performance artists, who turn upside down after the colonial era.
Midnight Traveler Director Hassan Fazili

The Art of Escape: A European Nightmare

Migrant: The Fazili family are migrants. They record mobile phones of their dangerous journey from Afghanistan via the migrant route in the Balkans and to an uncertain future in Europe.
Passion - Between Revolt and Resignation Director Christian Labhartvideo

Where were your revolutionaries, Karl?

PHILOSOPHY: The documentary Passion - Between Revolt and Resignation reflects on man's willingness to engage in his time and to revolt.
Raving Riot Director Stepan Polivanov

The post-Soviet city where dance is political

TECHNO-PROTESTS: A dancing protest and its growth and fall in front of the Georgia parliament.

THE RIGHT TO BE HIGH: Colorado's cannabis experiment

legalization: Has the legalization of marijuana led to idyllic freedom for users, or has another market for cynical profit hunters emerged?
Our Defeats (Nos défaites)

An exercise in solidarity

activism: The French rebel police's handling of protesters has led to a dramatic change in attitudes of students at a high school on the outskirts of Paris.

The city that was left in the fog of oblivion

City history / BELGIUM: Filmmaker Guy-Marc Hinant wants to save the hometown's reputation by digging out the forgotten stories that have been hidden in the mounds of the city's memories.
The Hottest August

The earth accounts for the politics of capitalism

URBANIZATION: The Hottest August holds up a mirror that reveals the underlying anxiety of modern survival strategy.
Dark Suns - Mexico's diggers

Mexico's vulnerable excavators

THREATENED: With life as an effort, Mexicans try to dig up the bodies of their dead relatives while being threatened by both the cartels and the authorities in a deadly terrorist attack.
Russia's indoctrination

Heroic sacrifice for the motherland

RUSSIA: The idea of ​​serving the motherland is still relevant as a tool for indoctrination.

Gloomy everyday struggles among Scotland's poor

POVERTY: A generation of young Scots show moments of tenderness and care amidst everyday frustrations, trials, and episodes of violence.

Making the desert green

CLIMATE CHANGES: Musician Inna Modja travels along the 8000 kilometer long route for Africa's ambitious Great Green Wall project, where a wall of trees will extend across the continent.

Underground rock in Kabul

AFGHANIC METAL: The story of the emergence of the first Afghan metal band - and the subsequent fall under the weight of an ultra-conservative society.

Little money, plenty of bills

SLIT: The story of two men striving to pay unexpected hospital bills shows the breaking time in modern China.

Celebration of mankind's diversity

AGNÈS VARDA: The new French wave film pioneer and feminist reflects on his career and conveys a humanistic philosophy of life.
Bellingcat - Truth in a Post-Truth World Director Hans Pool

Cat-and-mouse play with the truth

OPEN SOURCE CODE: The Bellingcat Group is at the forefront of a much-needed grassroots movement, which reveals the production and spread of fake news.

The art of disrupting the world's most closed regime

ART / QUESTIONS: Seven international artists travel to Pyongyang to participate in North Korea's first art symposium.

Indie pop sensation AURORA's creation

MUSIC INDUSTRY: Once upon a time, Aurora paints a picture of an industry that is set to use artist AURORA as a tool to promote her own ambitions instead of stimulating her own creative independence.

The documentary as a means of communication

Spaces of Exception compares the experience of oppression and resistance, and finds similarities between North American Native American reserves and Palestinian refugee camps.

Everyday challenges in a pro-Russian battalion in Ukraine

Their Own Republic caused quite a stir at the Lisbon Film Festival last year, due to the film's somewhat pro-Russian stance. Nevertheless, it provides an interesting insight into a side of the Ukrainian conflict that is rarely mentioned in Western media.

The city left in the fog of oblivion

Filmmaker Guy-Marc Hinant wants to save the hometown's reputation by digging out the forgotten stories that have been hidden in the mounds of the city's memories.

Fake news = false reality

A new documentary looks at Trump's election campaign and the significance of fake news through Russian media clips.