Carmen Gray. (37 articles) Gray is a regular film critic in MODERN TIMES.
Bellingcat - Truth in a Post-Truth World Director Hans Pool

Cat-and-mouse play with the truth

OPEN SOURCE CODE: The Bellingcat Group is at the forefront of a much-needed grassroots movement, which reveals the production and spread of fake news.

The art of disrupting the world's most closed regime

ART / QUESTIONS: Seven international artists travel to Pyongyang to participate in North Korea's first art symposium.

Indie pop sensation AURORA's creation

MUSIC INDUSTRY: Once upon a time, Aurora paints a picture of an industry that is set to use artist AURORA as a tool to promote her own ambitions instead of stimulating her own creative independence.

The documentary as a means of communication

Spaces of Exception compares the experience of oppression and resistance, and finds similarities between North American Native American reserves and Palestinian refugee camps.

Everyday challenges in a pro-Russian battalion in Ukraine

Their Own Republic caused quite a stir at the Lisbon Film Festival last year, due to the film's somewhat pro-Russian stance. Nevertheless, it provides an interesting insight into a side of the Ukrainian conflict that is rarely mentioned in Western media.

The city left in the fog of oblivion

Filmmaker Guy-Marc Hinant wants to save the hometown's reputation by digging out the forgotten stories that have been hidden in the mounds of the city's memories.

Fake news = false reality

A new documentary looks at Trump's election campaign and the significance of fake news through Russian media clips.

Revolutionary film movement

Bridges of Time is a tribute to the directors who shaped the poetic documentary tradition in the Baltic; a revolutionary film movement that fought for human freedom during the occupation of the Soviet Union.

Insanity seen from the inside

Damian Nenadic's first full-length documentary is a blatant revelation of the stigma associated with mental illness in Croatia, told through the protagonists' own footage.
the former Yugoslavia

In the entrance to Yugoslavia's past

Hotel Yugoslavia appears as a reflection of Yugoslavia's greatness and fall - symbolized by the once magnificent and luxurious hotel in the capital of the country that ceased to exist.

The world's new enemy

John Pilger's documentary is a compelling vision of an upcoming war, and an insistent plea to Western audiences to rethink what they think they know. The movie is now available on DVD.

One in a million

In The Poetess, we get to follow the only female participant in the most popular talent show in the Middle East, who through her poetry exhibits an extraordinary courage against gender segregation.