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Renate Feyl portrait interview

The love that conquered social democracy

INTERVIEW: German author Renate Feyl uses a historical, noble divorce case in her latest novel.

The wonderboy of German journalism tricked readers

FAKE NEWS: Claas Relotius tricked Der Spiegel's readers into fictional stories for years. Currently a self-examination and debate is underway in the German press.

Four measures against the use-and-throw culture

FALSE NEEDS: Keucheyan does not want authoritarian Marxism where the bureaucracy decides what its citizens need. He also suggests that in order to reduce today's consumption, manufacturers must make products with longer life and warranty.
Communist National Smoke Flag https://pixabay.com/

Žižek as a Communist

COMMUNISM: On December 7, Slovenian philosopher and cultural critic Slavoj Žižek comes to Bergen to take part in the Holberg debate. During the debate he will explain why he is still a communist. He will also be interviewed by US economist Tyler Cowen.
Axel Jensen biography

Axel Jensen - from the tuxedo to the stove

AXEL JENSEN: Torgrim Eggen balances in a reading party of a biography on the tight line between Axel Jensen's life and work.

Everyone starts life as narcissists

ESSAY: A reaction to the deconstruction of the subject is today a new subjective wave where everyone is to rediscover themselves. Should some publishers protect such authors from themselves?

Dead and living metaphors

LANGUAGE DEBATE: How can the metaphor be tested against factual knowledge?

Kitsch from Knausgård

FEELINGS: A horror image of a stifling genius. Is Knausgård now more dangerous than Kierkegaard as a producer of ideology?

Double moral interpretation of Knausgård

LITERATURE: In Behrendt's book, the undersigned is accused of "monumental misunderstandings and psychoanalytic short circuits". But does he consistently break the laws he tries to impose on others?

Geoff Dyer - an aristocratic essayist

COMPASSION? A mixture of helplessness and arrogance: Have the Knausgård fans got someone they can identify with?
Shields: Nobody hates Trump ..

Sewing together a fragmented reality

Collage: "Nobody hates Trump more than Trump" claims he hates himself, but the allegation is unfounded.

Internet must be removed!

One of Germany's best-known bloggers, Schlecky Silberstein, states that attention is the most important currency in the 21. century and that the internet creates anxiety.

The pursuit of recognition has destructive consequences. Social justice is being reduced ...

Identity politics is a real child of narcissistic culture, where violations and rejection are perceived as serious threats to self-esteem.
Sensitive students belong to the Generation

iGeneration and the new hypersensitivity

Students live in a bubble and should go to therapy to cope with the real world, two authors think of the state of American universities.

Leisure employment and citizen profitability

German philosopher Richard David Precht wants to create a utopia for the digital society where enlightenment and education are at the center.

Mom and Dad are to blame

Author Alexandra Samuel criticizes Twenge's analysis of the iGeneration: Parents' web usage causes problems for the youth.

While we wait for Peterson

Jordan Peterson's 12 Rules for Life is full of contradictions and the kind of reductionism he himself warns against.

The 68 generation according to German history writing

Three newly published books on the sixties provide some surprising and new perspectives. All are written by scientists who do not even belong to this mythical generation.

Germany 50 years after the student riots

Much is unclear about the role of key players in the German 68 rebellion. Therefore, a black-and-white interpretation of the era will never be correct.

Franco-German connection: Onfray, Houllebecq and Schopenhauer

Houellebecq and Onfray - Schopenhauer's uncritical running boys with books that have little new to bring?

Idealist public history

Jostein Gripsrud seems to have departed from what does not fit with the ideal notion of the sensible Norwegian public. Such idealism is dangerous.

Reality-oriented neo-romanticism

“I've spent much of my adult life daydreaming about travel and books I wanted to write. Every once in a while I was dreamed up. "

Good luck on the train

Do what you are good at and withstand the restlessness of today, says self-help guru Dobelli.

Peer Gynt 150 years - but lives at its best

With the national satire Peer Gynt, Ibsen created a catalog of so-called "Norwegian values": the urge to dream away, ambivalence, lies, bigotry madness and a solid portion of selfishness.

A touch of decency

If we think we know best, there is no point in taking others into consideration. That is why it is so important to maintain a culture where what we do not understand is central.
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