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Open and critical about the work of the CIA

UNDERCOVER: CIA agent Amaryllis Fox developed algorithms that predict terrorism, and tells about the CIA's working methods in its startling and exciting biography.

It is we who are dangerous, not the machines

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: A computer can beat you, but strive to see the difference between cats and dogs. Does that mean it's not intelligent?

Economic motives can ruin artificial intelligence

KI: What happens if we create something that is more intelligent than ourselves, a machine that might do something completely different than we want?

The helpful robots of the future will give you a brainstorm

ROBOTS: We can look forward to both brainstem and elimination of neurological diseases in a robot-assisted future.
Everything you love must burn

Inside the "white power" of the United States

nationalism: In Vegard Tenold Aase's new book, we become acquainted with right-wing groups in the United States, denying the Holocaust and believing in a new giving for neo-Nazism.

Materialistic and one-sided criticism of religion

DEBATE OF FAITH: When faith is attacked with the bravery of four intellectual musketeers, religion as a life experience is hardly affected.

Doomsday stories about the climate

climate crisis: Keeping your head cold in an ever-warmer world is difficult. The book's author is on the road to heat.

What is freedom without governance?

paternalism: Sunstein advocates active social manipulation to help us make smarter choices. In the book On Freedom, he questions whether free choice actually promotes human welfare.

Vammel serving of Lama

SPIRITUALITY: When defending our common future, more than flatness is needed about the importance of harmony and the assumption of power.

The climate, it's us

ACTIVISM: No reason for optimism when it comes to climate, according to the youth generation. Still, this book is full of hope.

The personal climate crisis

CLIMATE MATCH: Greta Thunberg looks through the hypocrisy of the adults with a sharp look. Maybe only a person like her can save the world.

Kafka before the law

RIGHTS: Who has the rights to Franz Kafka's scripts? Kafka was a Jew, lived in Prague and wrote in German, but was he really identityless?

Together we are less alone

COOPERATION: The competition principle of neoliberalism goes against our nature. It is cooperation that is unique to our species - and cooperation that can save us.

What would Machiavelli do?

China and India are emerging as the new superpowers, and the West must find a new foothold in a moving world

Together we are less alone

The competition principle of neoliberalism goes against our nature; it is cooperation that is unique to our species - and cooperation that can save us.

Road trip to hell

Solar is an exceptional, apocalyptic novel about a human being, moving from modern alienation to a dissolution in the world universe.

About Donald, Vladimir and…

Timothy Snyder is convincing in his explanation of how our world understanding has been replaced by a "national understanding".

Step forward, yes, but progress?

In his eagerness to defend reason and enlightenment, Steven Pinker forgets that this may include more than what he himself puts into the concepts.

Imaginary meetings

How are we going to evolve in the technology era? Author Jessica Sequeira believes that we have rich opportunities to develop living thinking in the face of technology.

Masterful biography of André Bjerke

The polemic who goes crazy, but who never fails verbally, the competitor and the energetic poet. And above all, a golden humor shines.

Human - too human

A book about the weird and weird insect world, and about everything one can experience there. Join the underground to the shit beet, and up into the air with the eye sticker.

Between the nursery and the court

Although cultural radicals are allowed to review Kaj Skagen's assessment of "the Norwegian", much of the thinking in the book comes from one of its foremost representatives, namely Jens Bjørneboe.

A tear for Kurdistan

The Death Washer is a well-written and painful novel that continues the debate about circumcision and violence against women - and it deserves all the prizes it can get.

Bloodless blood transfer

When it comes to helping countries financially, thinking and idealism is not enough. You have to know the culture of the individual countries and know where the corruption is.

The melancholy guard post

Allegory and melancholy are two key words for Walter Benjamin's writing, which is now moving backwards into Norwegian cultural life. Agora offers a delayed number by a "late" philosopher.