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Storting 3 June

The parliament voted against postponing the demolition of the Y-block

Y-Block: "The seminar must end," said Nicolai Astrup (H) in the Storting today, citing that the Y-block must now be fully discussed. MODERN TIMES follows the fate of the Y-block.
Planet of humans solar cells

Michael Moore's new film: Critical to alternative energy

ENVIRONMENT: For many, green energy solutions are just a new way to make money, says director Jeff Gibbs.
Nigerian migrant Don Emeka claims to have been assaulted with ax by Black Ax members when he did not want to be part of their criminal activity. (Photo: The Vice, screenshot)

Black Ax is spreading fear all over the world

BLACK AX: The Nigerian mafia is spreading all over the world, including Scandinavia.

Climate rebel with unity and lightning glue

CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE: Is it possible to get something positive out of a recognition that civilization and the globe are about to go down?
climate change and c02

Global cooling alarmism

COLD TIMES: Forget global warming. CO2 does not affect the temperature of the Earth. Around 2030, on the contrary, with reduced solar activity, it may get colder.

With the people as the client

SNOWDEN: A spy, traitor or patriot? The answer depends on who you ask.

Chernobyl victims

NUCLEAR ACCIDENT: While scientists are arguing over whether Chernobyl is the cause of malformations and cancer, photographer Gerd Ludwig is working diligently to document the victims of the world's largest nuclear accident.
#Followme documentary on Instagramvideo

Cheating and deception on Instagram

FALSE FOLLOWERS: Everyone is fooling everyone on Instagram. Phenomena such as false followers and false comments are an essential part of an ever-growing black economy. No one knows what is real.

A star that's hard to like

Sonja - The White Swan is the movie about the greatest art runner of all time who goes to Hollywood to become a movie star.