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Terasa Groton

Takes freedom of speech seriously

WEEKDAY: "We have to understand what power can be found in the literature," says festival director for LitFestBergen, Teresa Grøtan
Mette Karlsvik)

"The Sami language is drowning"

SAMI: It is not only Bergen International Literature Festival that is celebrated on 6 February. The day is also the national day of the Sami. "Social structures cause the Sami language to drown," says author Sigbjørn Skåd, who attends LitFestBergen

Found in translation

SAGA INHERITANCE: When Iceland was a guest country at the Frankfurt Book Fair in 2011, it was remembered that Icelanders are best at dictating stories, not making money.

Exit Britannia

The UK has opted out of the EU, but is still in Europe. Heidi Sævareid's crush on the UK has gone over. But they should be produced. What are you doing? She brings out the humor.

Hairpin swings and hives

Thor Sørheim is approaching rivers and the Trollstigen, small children and hollyhocks with a perception psychologist's open mind and senses.

Warning! Maternity!

Before we host parents for the first time - what do we know about parenting? About pregnancy, childbirth and maternity? What choice can we make? Mostly nothing.

Were we unimaginative and pretentious?

All the short stories remind me, in their own ways, that we should all die. Holtet Larsen's language is a cultivated language, an advanced language, is a language for the sake of language.

Artificial fertilized art

Kva grew up desirous of Norway's largest industrial adventure, asks artists who exhibit in Grenland in May.

Monologue for a broken family

The great filmmaker Pier Paolo Pasolini is regarded by many as an even greater poet. Now his poem is translating into Norwegian.

One mini-nuclear action in the streets of London

23. November was the 10th year since Alexandr Litvinenko died of polonium poisoning.

Postmodern nation building

Cecilia Dinardi just received the Bjørnson Prize, but not only for her own use of the free word.

An alternative public

The Chto Delat collective crosses the boundary between theater and academia, between aristocracy and proletariat, between you and me - and shows in practice that the absurd staged is the reality for many Russians.

Destabilization and confusion

This essay is about the latest books by Sofi Oksanen and Beate Grimsrud, about Norma and the Children of Eternity, about information and questions of information.

The bridge to Vatnamýri is swimming

Andri Snær Magnason fought the ends of the case in Iceland. He did not become president. But his climate figures have fallen into good ground and have begun a new kind of environmentalist.

Iceland: The bubbles that burst

In 2008, the illusion of a strong Icelandic economy burst. In April, the people were betrayed by the state leadership, again.

As friends stand and look out over the fjord

Tor shakes in the Nordic Arts Center Dale. The village is nevertheless a standing proof that man will always be nature lovers. Quite natural.

ghost Font

Someone who fears sanctions and transparency creates whole new languages.

Upstate orphisms

Upstage poems and aphorisms tame a delusional world.

It opens the work

PJ Harvey has published his first book. Why hasn't she done it before?

Art and squash cabbage

Is the ecocritical author a prolific breed?

Flaum in the Eden of Europe

When Cannes senses the effects of climate change.

One question of innocence

No one is guilty of the tragedy depicted in the White Sea. But no one is innocent either.

Meat with Frøy

Book essay based on Knut Ødegård's Edda poems, bands I – III (Cappelen Damm, 2013 – 2015) and Gerður Guðjónsdóttir si Bloodhöfn (Language and Culture, 2010) The veranda faces ...

Bold text, open work. One poetics

POESI: Heart that stops beating is the narrator's pulse.

Misanthropic meditation

Breathe in, and exhale: Read Dragseth's new long poem aloud. It is a fair, a meditation, a poem that leaves you sleepless and troubled for the future of the globe and of humanity.