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Far From Past / The Book of Sabeth Directors Nicole Foelsterl, Florian Kogler

Two post-war migrants look back

Two post-war migrants look back LIVED LIFE: Two short Austrian documentaries from Diagonale, the Austrian Film Film Festival, offer varied glimpses into the life and experiences of older post-war migrants in the capital Vienna.
Gede Vizyon Directors Marcos Serafim, Jefferson Kielwagen and Steevens Simeon

Walking through the cemetery in Port-au-Prince

HAITI / VOODOO: A young Haitian named Britis filmed one of the most notable documentaries recently. But it's only halfway into the movie that even the most vigilant viewer discovers who - or what - the
A Tiny Country (Un tout petit pays)

Homo politician: From Paris to Baku

DOCUMENTARY: DocLisboa has a tradition of highlighting new talent. This year's festival was no exception.
Diary of Cattle Directors David Darmadi and Lidia Afrilitavideo

Nyon's light reaches all the way to the forgotten outer edges

VISIONS YOU REEL: The powerful short films Wound and Diary of Cattle prove that this year's 50th anniversary Visions du Reel has the vitality and willingness to explore the outer edges.
Hyde Bank

Crimes and punishments

abuse of power: Criminal justice in Northern Ireland and Spanish abuse of power in the Basque Country were the subject of two of the Scottish Documentary Institute's debut films during the Bridging the Gap program this year.

The virtual room has become an equally real part of daily life ...

Everyday life: Two card documentaries highlight two different experiences of modern man's everyday life - one is virtual, the other is a little too real.

Medium format options

BETWEEN THE FORMAT: Unfortunately, the medium-length film is often overlooked. With his new works, directors Jean-Charles Hue and Ivan Marković each prove in their own right that the format has more than enough weight.

My neighbor, my brother

INNOVATIVE: Experimental short films occupy the main scenes of the Berlin 2019.

Two new short films from Rotterdam

ROTTERDAM FILM FESTIVAL: This year's film festival unveiled several documentaries and short films, including Above Us Only Sky and Pelourinho: They Don't Really Care About Us, which turned out to be a rough staple of a movie.

UNDERDOX IN MÜNCHEN: Privileged glimpses of places and people

Two newcomers stood out during this year's Underdox festival in Munich: Sec Rouge - one of 2018's most striking, perfect and beautiful films - and the innovative and delicious 48 minute film Accession.

The houses we were, the cities we are

Two important documentaries that demonstrate the potential of the short film format and highlight the diversity of today's documentary film narratives.

Long live the movie queens

The film industry has turned the spotlight on women's experiences, and any film festival with respect for itself provides gender balance. So did CinéfestOZ, which offered several new movie gems.

Stories from the border zone

Romania is struggling with population decline and emigration. The film scene in the country, on the other hand, is both dynamic and growing, something this year's Transilvania International Film Festival highlighted.

Sparkling new talents in Edinburgh

The Edinburgh International Film Festival introduces fresh talent and new voices during this year's festival, while reflecting the cultural diversity Edinburgh has to offer.

Tribute to the otherness

Among many outstanding works at this year's Melbourne Film Festival were two short films that distinguished themselves with their courageous, empathetic and clear attitude to LHBTI rights.

A young look at history

Despite Slovak dominance in the Plzen festival recently, two Czech newcomers stood out.

Female contrasts at the Berlin

The thought-provoking reality of Javisha Patel's short film Circle contrasts sharply with the life of cotton-picking Alabama, as depicted in Maris Curran's short film While I Yet Live.

Rebirth of a "lost" Spanish classic

An indirect but revealing portrait of Spain in a painful transition period.

Day and night in Ukraine: two brief discoveries

Two of the most distinctive and notable premieres in Rotterdam concerned Ukraine. One is played in very different environments, both pastoral, neutral and urban, while the other is conducted urban.