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Teslafy Me Director Janja Glogovac Slovenia

Tesla: The visionary who wanted to give the world free power

FORGOT GENI? The film Teslafy Me wipes dust off the story of inventor Nikola Tesla, whom we can thank every time we are connected to the world.
Kabul, City in the Wind Director Aboozar Amini

Everyday life in Kabul

AFGHANISTAN: In the capital, Kabul, which only gets international attention when suicide bombers attack, director Aboozar Amini is a fly on the wall in the lives of ordinary people.
Movement Director Nadir Bouhmouch

The unifying force of a common struggle

activism: Movement is a lyrical and beautifully filmed piece of political propaganda - with a Moroccan twist.
Kniga morya

An extraordinary and endangered life

Yupik-Inuit: The Book of the Sea is a mesmerizingly beautiful close-up of a way of life that disappears in line with the melting of the Poles, showing a side of Russia we have barely seen before.

Student rebellion in Brazil

activism: Increased collective rates that hit the poor in São Paulo became the start of a student-led protest movement.

Timely about arranged marriages in Europe

ARRANGED MARRIAGE: Red Moon is as much family therapy as a heartbreaking road movie.

The lot of human life

womanhood: Black humor illuminates this close-up portrait of a sarcastic, elderly Palestinian woman's life, relationships, desires and bitterness.

The US-Mexico conspiracy

MEXICO / USA: In Mexico, they violate human rights by ignoring the law. In the United States, they violate human rights by applying the law.

Call for justice

POLICE POLICY IN BRAZIL: A forensically detailed catalog of state-sponsored killings paints a dark picture of life and death for poor, black youth in Rio's vast slums.

The EU - a slumber in the heyday of populism

populism: Democracy Ltd is a wake-up call for Europe at a time when dark forces are growing.

War is war

FIVE YEARS AFTER: There is little hero worship or Russian propaganda to track in Oleg's Choice - a documentary showing the everyday lives of Russian soldiers and volunteers fighting in Ukraine.

Gorbachev - one of the largest

Meeting Gorbachev is a close and engaging portrait of the man who inadvertently gave rise to the fall of the Soviet Union, and which still promotes disarmament and cooperation.
Panama papers

Captivating about the theft from the public purse

The Panama Papers emerge as a captivating thriller about the worldwide scam that led to a multi-billion dollar tax escape.

No more Russian heroes

Electing Russia sheds a depressing light on the opposition in Russia. Do they really represent a real change for the benefit of the people?

Call for justice

Criminals in uniform, with well-paid jobs, took the life of my son, ”says a mother grieving the teenage son killed by Brazil's militarized police to a group of other poor, black women during a public demonstration.

From prosthetic to dictator

In Putin's Witnesses, we follow Putin's path to power in Russia and see how early promises of free press end in full rejection of democratic rules of play.

From a war reporter's point of view

Dying to Tell is a portrait of Spanish war reporters, which recounts the sense of horror associated with adrenaline-fueled warfare as well as the trauma the war creates.

Poetic about an occupied people

The Heart of the Ocean is a poetic exploration of the natives' lives in Tahiti and in French Polynesia, and reveals the fatal aftermaths of nuclear explosions and colonization.

Secure payment through blockchain

Swedish startup company Cinezen Blockchained Entertainment paves the way for the first worldwide agreements on Video on Demand (VOD) services, which use blockchain technology to secure and simplify cryptocurrency payments.

The Soviet flower children

In Soviet Hippies, we follow a bunch of veterans of the Soviet hippie movement. On a bus trip from Estonia to Moscow, they talk about bygone revolutionary times and recipes for homemade LSD.

A lively echo from a war zone

Following a Tanzanian taxi driver in a small town in Donetsk province, Ukraine, Long Echo presents a new view of a story that has virtually disappeared from daily news reports in European media.

A tribute to nothing

Boris Mitic 'In Praise of Nothing is probably the most unusual documentary you'll see this year.

A shaman's return

Ex-Shaman is not only a film about Western influences on the lives of indigenous peoples in Brazil, but also a moving portrait of a shaman's struggle with his past and present identity.

Britain's hidden empire

The Spider's Web: Britain's Second Empire (2017) maps how the British elite has created a shockingly different economic system, through the creation of tax havens around the world. This is a movie every ordinary taxpaying citizen should watch.
West of the Jordan River

"Peace can be made by the worst enemies"

West of the Jordan River is Gita's first return to the occupied Palestinian territories since the documentary Field Diary from 1982. His latest film depicts how both Palestinians and Israelis are trying to cope with the effects of the occupation.