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Photographer Fred Baldwin's Autobiography

To tell something important about others

PHOTOGRAPHY : World renowned photographer Fred Baldwin has published his memoirs at the age of 90. Is this a peculiar insight into a person who, through everything and everyone he meets, first and foremost sees himself?
books on the table

Anarchist Book Cafes and "Mutual Assistance"

Anarchists: Mette, Thomas and Rasmus found their way into anarchism through the fight for the Youth House in Copenhagen more than a decade ago. They have since been active in book cafes, labor conflicts and resistance to racism. It is first and foremost about lived political experience.

Permission for mass murder

NARKO WAR: What happens when you give the perpetrators of state-monopolized violence not only permission to kill, but promise them impunity? Then you create "a legal structure for mass murder".

To show it at once unworthy and worthy

INCLUSION / EXCLUSION: A white, South African photographer portrays efforts to belong to and build up under the constant threat of demolition in the informal urban areas.

A global labor market in motion

arbejder:Half a century ago, the first Filipino workers traveled across the globe to work at factories and hotels in Denmark and Norway, among others. Their journey provides insight into a global labor market in motion.

The dirty work

TECHNOLIBERALISM: Here are discussions on everything from the robotisation of manual labor over so-called sharing economy to artificial intelligence, automated warfare and technological emotion and sex work.

Madness, visions, cynicism and pragmatism

«GREEN GROWTH»: Ethnographer Gökçe Günel has followed the development of the planned carbon neutral Masdar City Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates - funded by this one of the world's most oil-dependent governments.

White and black workers

THE WORKING CLASS: Hegemonic Trump analysis makes it appear as if the working class of the United States is white.

"So! then you can go away, stupid surveillance capitalism. "

MONITORING: I just don't realize that the root of the problem lies in digital penetration everywhere.

A female imam is struggling to create a collective

MARIAM MOSKEEN: In 2015, Syrian-Finnish Danish Sherin Khankan decided to start a women-led mosque in Copenhagen. Instructor Marie Skovgaard has followed her struggle between personal vision and the challenges of creating community.

In a world of delusions

psychosis: Jeffrey Sconce has written a nerve-wracking, empathetic and crunchy business page tour on the connections between technology and madness.

The anti-Nazi who took the world by storm

MATCH: After his death, Stieg Larsson became world famous for the crime trilogy about Lisbeth Salander, but his life was first and foremost marked by a tireless struggle to map and uncover the growing movement of neo-Nazism and fascism.

From the front in the war on refugees

FLYGTNINGEKRISEN: Chinese artist and filmmaker Ai Weiwei follows up his documentary Human Flow with a report from the war zones awaiting refugees in Europe. The Rest is about the millions who came to seek shelter but did not find it.

Poor people, unite you - across racialization

ECONOMIC DIFFERENCE: In an era when antiracism is being portrayed as identity politics and white poor people are being blamed for Trump, it is helpful to be reminded of Martin Luther King's attempt to bridge the fight against racism and economic inequality.

Colonial voyeurism re-visited

It is difficult to determine whether the documentary African Mirror - based solely on archival material - will rehabilitate a colonial consciousness, criticize colonialism, or rather be an essayistic nostalgia for the colonial gaze.

Millions of protesters called "terrorists"

South Korean citizens created history as they - armed with candles and demands of justice - caused President Park Geun-hye and her Conservative party to fall into 2017.

China's soft - and less soft - power in Southeast Asia

When Barack Obama announced its 'pivot to Asia' strategy, it was not least a response to China's increasing influence in the region. In a new anthology, China's success in setting footprints in neighboring countries is assessed.
Second World Second sex

The non-feminist women advocates of the Eastern bloc

KVINDEKAMP: American liberal feminists love to hate Kristen Ghodsee, who rewrites the history of the women's struggle from an Eastern bloc perspective.

Cinematic revisionism after the post-Cold War

Feminist culture critic icon Dai Jinhua delivers cutting-edge contemporary diagnoses through film reading and historical analysis in a new essay collection.

Forced accuracy

In the midst of this downturn, three economists believe they have found the explanations for when austerity policies work. However, they are cleverly ignoring the question of who it works for.

The anatomy of the neo-nationalist women's hat

Why are certain people in a position of power so preoccupied with killing those women who demand justice for the sex work they were forced to perform during World War II?

The technology of yield

Uber's algorithms rewrite the conditions of work, believes technology ethnographer Alex Rosenblat. But the question is whether the app company is not just taking advantage of the existing conditions.

Water management mismanagement

The water sources of Mexico City, one of the world's largest cities, are running dry. This is the story of a notified disaster.

Teknotid and human time

Nymoten's apps that will make us more productive through planning and streamlining, continue a two-hundred-year tradition of self-help literature about the same.

Historical migration as a vantage point to modern China

20 millions of Chinese emigrated in the years 1840 to 1940. Shelly Chan analyzes modern China from a diaspora perspective and expands our understanding of China and history.