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Neo Black Movement of Africa (NBM) denies a link to Black Ax. Here they show up with a common banner. (Photo: Wikimedia)

Italy's fifth mafia

HUMAN TRAFFICKING: The Nigerian mafia is smuggling both people and drugs. Threats, violence and voodoo rituals are used to force girls into prostitution.

Crises are good store

AFRICA: A great many consultants and mission researchers have made good money on the crises in the belt that stretches across Africa. Sahel has become important not only for Norway, but also for the EU and the US.

Freedom of expression, extremism and the role of the media

DIFFERENCE: An anthology that addresses important topics such as freedom of speech, globalization, extremism, minorities and inequality in the world, but many of the authors want too much.
sex during the colonial period

Politically correct porn book on French oppression

KOLONISEX: Middle-class porn or a welcome new look at sexual relations during the colonial era? That is the question of critics of the French magnificent Sexe, race et colonies.

Decolonize feminism!

FEMI imperialism: The feminists of the West have to look up and see that with their own struggles they are holding fellow sisters down, is the message of French state scientist Françoise Vergès' new and well-written book.

More than sun and heat

MIGRATION: Uneven book about people who move with a desire for a better life, but encounter problems when they move "home" again.

A world in stable motion

In 2018, the Collège de France established its own professorship in migration studies. Francois Héran was chosen to fill it, and the book Migrations et sociétés is an extended version of his accession lecture.

"It is 'you whites' who have created 'us blacks'"

AFRICAN FUTURE FAITH: "It is false to strive for justice 'at home' if one constantly exploits 'over there'," writes one of the contributors in a new anthology on Africa.
Established a religion an Afrique of Bayart

Politics, spirituality and religion under the sun of Africa

Religion gets too much room in analyzes of African conflicts, states state scientist Jean-François Bayart.

Politics and religion under the sun of Africa

Distortion rather than religious extremism is the problem in African conflicts, states state scientist Jean-François Bayart.

The power of mobilization

Political resistance in Africa is led by middle-class individuals, while the poor are gathering in the streets.

Between humanitarian tourism and moral compromises

New and insightful anthology discusses disaster relief's many dilemmas.

Foreign political shadow play

Laurent Larcher calls for openness, value proposition and debate on French foreign policy. The author claims that France's elite of power conceals its real agenda behind meaningless statements and secrecy.

Hidden everyday racism in France

In our daily lives we are constantly sacrificing the identity, identity and individuality of others at the altar of the group, writes French author Tania de Montaigne in a new book.

A modern view of Africa

The anthology presents 13 texts written by several renowned Africanists. Editor and professor Nic Cheeseman succeeds in his goal of offering a new and modern understanding of the African state.
free markets

Free markets are an illusion

John Mikler claims that the world's largest companies are so economically superior to their competitors that it is wrong to talk about global markets and free competition.

Nuanced about Boko Haram

Over the past three years, Hilary Matfess has interviewed a number of women who have been liberated from Boko Haram in Northern Nigeria. She challenges the reader to nuance her image of the group.

Money and corpses in Sarkozy's wake

French journalists Arfi and Laske dig into the real causes of the bombing in Libya in 2011.

Warlords' post-democracies

How do the African rebel leaders succeed politically after the conflicts have subsided? Ten African scientists have looked into the matter.

Not around my luxury villa

If this book is translated into English, it becomes a new French academic bestseller.

The vest, the rest and the big test

The term "the international community" must be redefined. Today, there is only one phrase politicians use when they do not want to take responsibility.

Good value for money?

There is intense debate in France and France-speaking Africa about the use of the CFA monetary unit.

Security for sale

The security agents in Africa contribute to the security of some, in certain areas and sometimes, but also mix roles.

Organic dumping

German Ulrich Beck claimed 30 years ago that environmental destruction is democratic in that it affects us all equally. In a new book, this claim is heavily criticized.

Elite liberalism + mass nationalism = true

For political scientist Jean François Bayart, globalization and the development of national identity are complementary processes.