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Ola Tunander. (29 articles) Tunander is Professor Emeritus from PRIO.

Being threatened with death can make most people ...

FREEDOM OF SPEECH: The opportunity to say something is always very limited, says MODERN TIMES's regular writer in this essay about different authorities' use of force. Away from today's mass media, an "underground" network of intellectuals has now emerged, including experienced journalists, intelligence officers, renowned professors and politicians.
war in Libya

The unbearable ease of the Libya war

LIBYA: Following the Jan Petersen Committee's report on the Libya war in September 2018 - and after the Storting's lack of reactions - several academics are upset.

The word that kills

muzzle: Power abuses, war of attacks and mass murder are carried out today without anyone lifting a finger, since all criticism is dismissed as "conspiracy theory".

Assange and the free word

The arrest of Assange is about an "arrest of democracy".
Misrata, Libya

The abused resolution and Norwegian embarrassment

The British Foreign Affairs Committee's report on the Libya war is overlooked in Norway: It explains that our allies on the ground were Libyan Islamists with ties to Al Qaeda.

A tragic chapter in Norwegian history

Not many expected the Petersen Committee to come up with a critique of Norway's role in the Libya war, but the committee's report is nevertheless less critical than expected. It all remains a sad story.

Prevents spotlight on Trump report

Through a D-Notice statement dealing with Russian ex-agent Sergei Skripal's connection to the report on Donald Trump's sex life in Russia, the British authorities indicate what is particularly sensitive about the Skripal case.

Russian defectors and the Litvinenko affair

Like Sergei Skripal, Russian agent Aleksandr Litvinenko was also poisoned in the UK. Beyond this, the two cases have little in common.

Major political lies about Russia?

What can politicians actually say for sure about the poisoning of Russian exaggerate Sergei Skripal and his daughter - and what unfortunate consequences is this matter about to have?

Libya war amount

The war in Libya was not the result of an intelligence feud. Humanitarian rhetoric was prepared weeks or months in advance to justify a military intervention.

A still very secret world

During the Cold War, Stay Behind armies were to be mobilized in Western Europe by a possible Soviet occupation. British and Americans used some of these for other purposes.

The new fascism

We are more at risk of being labeled as conspiracy theorists if we question so-called adopted truths - no matter what the facts say or what history should have taught us.

Bought and paid war journalism

Large parts of the world's journalists receive financial benefits from adapting their reporting to American politics.

Giants' last dance

The criticism of Kissinger's Oslo visit is justified - but it is a crossroads that he is referred to as a mild dove in his own country.

A quiet coup d'état on the internet

In October, a former envoy for President Jimmy Carter, Steve Pieczenik, said Hillary Clinton had conducted a "silent coup" on the Internet to ...

A Norway between the great powers

Professional intelligence is absolutely necessary to expose political manipulation of the public.

"Ask Vadsø"

Bård Wormdal's book The spy base tells of a Norway that really matters for the power game.

In the pockets of the billionaires

The "war on terror" keeps journalists employed and the population quiet, while the upheaval of the war brings huge gains - to a few.

Saudi Arabia directly involved in 11. September?

The first official US designation of Saudi Arabia as possibly guilty of the 2001 attack is now available.

Who is shooting prime ministers?

The hatred of Olof Palme was intense in several camps when he was killed in 1986, and the theories around who would remove him are many.

Was the murder of Palme a coup?

Suspiciously many people walked around with walkie-talkies in the area just before the murder of Palme. MODERN TIMES's journalist was very close to the fateful night when the Swedish Prime Minister was shot. We ask why the police ignored a number of similar testimonials.

Was it Russia? - Ukraine is sued

Why is Borge Brende so confident that it was Russia that shot down the Malaysian passenger plane in 2014?

The dictatorship of silence

All attack wars start with a lie. Why didn't Norway smell like the pre-Libya bombing? And why is there a consensus not to discuss Norway's responsibilities afterwards?
Articles where referred to:
October 1981: This basic support of the Russian submarine is by no means representative of the submarine activity in the Swedish archipelago, where Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States were also active. Despite hundreds of media reports, there is no evidence that Soviet submarines have violated Swedish territory since October 1881, according to US Secretary of Defense Weinberger.

When Sweden was deceived