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Corona night

PROSA POETRY: What are our thoughts, where are we, or any of us, under the danger of epidemics Corona Virus?

The road to true anarchism

Agamben: The archeology of religion, art, politics and capitalism is not a search for any kind of origin - but a search for a foundation that raises past notions with the root.

The big backdrop world

CHINA: Yu Hua shows how today's economically controlled China of 40 years has moved from peasant society to the most economically powerful country

A traveling anarchist suitcase

JOURNAL? A Danish cross-aesthetic journal has now published its new double number 4-5 on almost 500 pages.
Peter Handke

The books are pilgrimages

Peter Handke: Does art possess an independent quality that cannot be overridden by a moral judge?

About being attentive and taking the lot of things

TRÆER: Through a conversation with trees, the author of the book becomes clearer about his relationship to loneliness, vulnerability and the grief of the disappearance of things.

Can we recover the Amazon's lung?

ecosophy: The current Brazil is similar to Guattari's worst nightmare. His mental revolution also suggests that nature itself comes first.

Our constant hustle and bustle

SLEEP: Today's working life and economy have created a mental climate that promotes individuals who are constantly busy, interacting, responding, communicating - and thus a type of human being accustomed to dwelling, hesitating, wondering or daydreaming.

No one to bring your accusation to, for your mistakes, your ...

KROPSTEATER: Wearing black suit, black mask, black gloves, half human, half insect, clattering like the beetle…

Grief's existential interest

Grief: Grief is rediscovered as a ritual thinking practice.

Mjøsa: Place sense and carrier bag

ESSAY: The constant focus on work, bustle and productivity takes us away from a neighborhood of things - every day there are people who can feel that something is also breaking in them.
In vitro

Venice Biennial: What happens when man is no longer the center?

PHOTOGRAPHY: This year's Venice Art Biennale shows us a different world, more tangled, unsettling, weird and fragile at the same time. From each room, vibrant lines are drawn between disaster and collapse, colonialism and belonging, human and machine.

A feeling in motion

In his new book, French philosopher Francois Jullien maps both China's historical view of nature and landscape, and partly a philosophy of life as modern Chinese and we in the West can be inspired by.

Scars into a foreign soul

Have we lost nature, understood as the framework of cycle and cruelty and otherness that is not part of ourselves, but an outside?

When the Ball Comes - About Life Wonder and a Common World

A marvelous ecopoetic journey to join the world.

Not quite the same as kindness, gentleness, generosity, like kindness, like ...

A beautiful and wise book about daring as an active passivity and resistance in ethics and politics.

The depressive as society's seismograph

To regain faith in the future and the ability to steer away from the collapse of the world, we must begin with the imagination.

A sense of living in a time when the world ...

How can the story of a grocery store employee capture so many readers worldwide?

From silence we have come, to silence we shall be

… And only by silence can we be resurrected.

When the spirit disappeared

Both Schanz and Thomsen defend the belief that man is more than culture and more than his biological constituents - man is also spirit, they claim.

The indebted man

Being indebted has become our time of being human.

Islam's forgotten culture and the meaning of Sufism

What kind of change has happened to a culture that has fascinated explorers and free thinkers for centuries?

Catechism over death

Simon Critchley's obituary is a display of Socratic ignorance and may be a thought for many.

An anti-fascist life

The anthology Deleuze in the West is a collection of texts that highlight the tools of the philosopher Gilles Deleuze for resistance to contemporary times. And all resistance begins with an effort.

Neruda's love for the earth

Earthly love shows the way to universal care.
Carnera is a writer, with a number of existential books published.

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