Alexander Huser
Alexander Huser. (100 articles) Huser is a regular film critic in MODERN TIMES.

HUXLEY'S DYSTOPIA: What would you rather be - happy or free?

SCIENCE FICTION: The TV series based on Aldous Huxley's Brave New World contains - by including digital surveillance - also an essential element from George Orwell's dystopian vision of the future.

Brave soldiers and lost system criticism

cinema Relevant The Outpost confirms the turn American war films have taken from system criticism of the hero cult.
Liremu Barana (Soul of the Sea)

Short film winners with political sting

NORWEGIAN SHORT MOVIE: Many of the films at this year's digital short film festival in Grimstad dealt with current political themes.

Strong hostage drama from reality

DANISH IS-CATCH: The feature film about Danish Daniel Rye captured by IS in Syria shows that Scandinavian film does not have to be toothless entertainment to hit wide.
Bait Director Mark Jenkin UK

The limits of the genuine

TOURISM AND AUTHENTICITY: The distinctive feature film Bait describes the conflict between local fishermen and holidaymakers in Cornwall and is a social realist drama portrayed in a strikingly small social realist way.
DEVS amaya office

The omniscient but predetermined man

FREE WILL: Masterfully, the miniseries ask Dev's big questions about a deterministic worldview versus free will, and the almost unlimited power of modern "tech" companies.
The Plot Against America TV SERIES Series Creators David Simon and Ed Burns

Ground Fascism

ANTI-SEMITISM: Although depicting an alternate history of the United States during World War II, The Plot Against America paints a frighteningly realistic picture of how fascist ideology can unfold in practice.

All the women of the world - united on film

WOMAN PORTRAITS: Woman is a sequel to Yann Arthus-Bertrand's panoramic portrait of humanity, this time about the female part of the globe's population.
Messiah Series Creator Michael Petroni USA

Jesus from Instagram

RELIGION: The Netflix series Messiah asks the fascinating question of how Jesus - or someone who appears to be him - would be received today.
All I am is Director Tone Grøttjord-Glenne Norway

Life after sexual abuse

ABUSE: With considerable impact, the documentary lifts All that I am presented the story to one of the children in the Norwegian abuse statistics.
Descent into the Maelstrom, Jan Vardøen

A movie for the big screen

BREATHTAKING:Ambitious portrayal of nature and the people who live and work in Lofoten.
Monos Director Alejandro Landes

War and sensuality in the youth guerrilla

YOUTH IN WAR: Despite its many references to, among other things, the Lord of the Flies and the Apocalypse now! Latin American Monos is in many ways a unique film.
All Inclusive Director Corina Schwingruber Ilić

Luxury for the masses

LOTS OF TOURISM: This map documentary depicts the life of an "all inclusive" cruise ship and is a humorous and poignant commentary on the mass consumption of our time.
SHORT MOVIE: Farse Director Robin Jensen Norway

Burlesque and carnivorous satire

SUNDANCE CURRENT SHORT MOVIE: The short Norwegian animated film Farse is a grotesque, unrestrained and entertaining satire of the modern day decadence and decadence.
One day in the life of

Lost in translation

ABORIGINES: Tromsø International Film Festival's opening film is a minimalist but profound study of the cultural clash between Inuit and government in Canada.

Big brother hears your music

HIPHOP-EXAMINATION: The rappers in the Chinese metropolis of Chongqing are characterized by government censorship.

The art of offering (enough) to himself

OPENNESS CULTURE: Eva is a model, blogger, author, musician and sex worker, uncertain in what order, and appears as a kind of living art project.
Midnight Family

Race for the accidents

PATIENT HUNTING: The intense and upbeat documentary Midnight Family follows a family-owned ambulance in Mexico City, and their extreme dilemmas between life-saving and earnings.

Lordships and parasites

Palme d'Or-WINNER: Modern class distinctions are strongly present in this year's Film from the South opening film Parasite, which is an exuberant and biting social satire one should not know too much about in advance.

Dancing without freedom

NORWEGIAN GAME FILM: Jorunn Myklebust Syversen's second feature film is a strong and disturbing portrayal of social control in Norwegian Pentecostal communities.

When life has to move on

NORWEGIAN GAME FILM: With Venice-relevant Children, Dag Johan Haugerud paints a thought-provoking and empathetic portrait of Norwegian society, in one of the strongest Norwegian feature films of many years.
Habia una vez...

The dream factory and reality

MOVIE ABOUT MOVIE: Quentin Tarantino's new movie is a grand and captivating tribute to Hollywood, against a not-so-escapist backdrop of hippie time, the Vietnam War and the Manson family's misdeeds.

Jonas Mekas, Andy Warhol and Barbara Rubin

Flowering time: Barbara Rubin and the Exploding NY Underground tells the story of an enigmatic and central woman in New York's male-dominated environment for experimental underground movies in the sixties.

Short films, small questions?

SHORT MOVIE FESTIVAL IN GRIMSTAD: The clearest trend in Norwegian short films is the spotlight on interpersonal relationships. Does that necessarily make them apolitical?

Social heritage and criminal environment

SOCIAL REALISM: With Goliat, Peter Grönlund reaffirms his position as one of the Nordic region's most socially engaged and real-life filmmakers.