Emma Bakkevik. (14 articles) International freelance writer for MODERN TIMES
Now that Last Director Ben Rivers UK

Attentive and timeless presence

SLOW TRAVEL: Animals often have an almost enviable ability to find their place in the whole. Why can't people do the same?

When Foucault took acid in the desert

LSD: How did Foucault's own experiences color his political thinking? And do psychedelics help with anxiety, depression and addiction?
Sheep Herovideo

The profit hunt price

SOCIAL CRITICISM: The pursuit of profit forces the Dutch sheep owner Stijn out of its comfort zone. Honest work is no longer enough - today you have to have pointed elbows.

A society in short supply

TECHNOLOGY: Chaos has taken over, but can we find a way out of the chaos?

Observations from Chiapas

TRAVEL-ESSAY: 25 years after the Zapatist revolution, self-organized rebel communities coexist with Coca-Cola and religion in a surrealistic mix of anarchism and imperialism.

Journalism in the danger zone

Like many other journalists, War Correspondent Marie Colvin was killed in Syria while trying to report back home on the atrocities. MODERN TIMES has spoken to the photographer who was involved in what was to be her last assignment.

War as election campaign

The Turkish president is tightening his grip on growing violence in Turkey - now the opposition fears he will speed up the upcoming election in 2019 to further consolidate power.

A difficult normalization

17. February celebrated the Kosovo 10 anniversary. Relationship with Serbia, EU membership, merging with Albania and a president who is at risk of being sentenced in a criminal court for his past as a UCK guerrilla leader ... Where does the country really stand, ten years after its birth?

The non-existent Turkish judiciary

There have long been sad conditions for Turkey's legal system, and now it seems that the country has abandoned all ambitions to resemble a rule of law.

Refugees: Art project stranded

Strong protests made Franco "Bifo" Berardi's planned performance Auschwitz on the Beach on Documenta 14 instead turned into poetry reading and panel debate.

Darkness in Greece

For the third consecutive year, thousands of refugees in Greece are meeting the coldest season without proper winter measures implemented.

A violent solution

Already weeks before the referendum on Catalonia's secession, Spanish Prime Minister Rajoy began to show muscle. On Catalan National Day 11. in September he declared that he would do "everything" to stop it.

Terror with endless aftermath

CHRONICLE: Was the Barcelona terrorist attack the Spanish government's failed attempt to prevent Catalan independence?

No time to lose

Norwegian efforts can remedy Gaza's water shortage and save lives - but do we bother?