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Chasing Yehoshua Instructor Shay Fogelman

The radical settlers

A MURDERER: Human-hunting for radical settlers from the West Bank turns into a gifted psychological portrait of a tormented soul.

To live side by side with others

UN BEACH: The gender-segregated beach in Tel Aviv has been around for many years, which has gradually become a haven for an ultra-Orthodox population.

The Church and the military

RUSSIA: Did the annexation of Crimea come from religious circles? Membership in the Russian Orthodox Church promotes the military career.

Crazy in the streets of Jerusalem

DRÆNGENE: Israeli docu-drama takes care of the traumatic wave of violence and revenge that led to open war in the summer of 2014.

The Ritualization of Racism

DRUG POLICE: In Colombia, the use of violence by both drug cartels and authorities has become somewhat ritualistic.

In the shadow of the caste society

INDIA CONFLICTS: India's major economic growth, under Narendra Modi, has deepened the social differences. The coexistence of the many religious groups

Liberal democracy is screwed together so that the whole idea is ...

DEMOCRACY: According to Adrian Pabst, we are basically going wrong with a wrong view of liberal democracy.
Jonathan Pollack

Anarchists against the wall

TEL AVIV: Opposing the system becomes harder and harder as Israel moves to the right.

To reach the oasis, you must cross the desert

PROSTITUTION: The short documentary Rita is the story of a prostitute of the old school in Athens.

Deputy wars' hidden interests

PROXY WARS: The United States and Russia, Iran and Saudi Arabia have an indirect involvement in conflicts that is quite different from conventional warfare.

Spear tactics and the camouflage of rights

POWER ABUSE: Human rights and justice in general are a positive value that can end in cynical manipulation. New book perspective the concept.

Black fog and black tourism

Atomic Race: MODERN TIMES here brings another angle to the same important book, more from a "radical geography".

Have the evangelical Americans lost their minds?

TRUMPS SELECTORS: Several places in the book conclude that the coalition between evangelicals and Republicans is as solid as it has ever been.

The anarchic path is the only right one

REVOLUTION? Initially, the outcry was, says John Holloway, with ideological stance in Zapatism.

Gandhi put into perspective

GANDHI: History professor Talat Ahmet has written a nuanced and thought-provoking biography of Gandhi, with special emphasis on his thoughts on civil disobedience and nonviolent protest.

The search for compromises

Judaism: Covered Up is an emotional film about a woman's inner struggle between personal choices and ultra-Orthodox Jewish tradition.
Moira clay

New borders in Europe

CONTROL: Today's European refugee policy is no longer about respect for free movement but about control.

The misunderstood revolution

IRAN: Solidly argued status of Iranian state 40 years after the fall of the Shah.

Forgiveness and revenge

MOSULS RUINS Film ISIS Tomorrow describes the state of Mosul in January 2018, six months after the city was liberated from Islamic State.

Sentenced to prison for his poetry

TEL AVIV: Palestinian poet Dareen Tatour was arrested and placed under house arrest by Israeli authorities in October 2015. Because of a poem. Well, she's out of house arrest. 3. March she comes to Oslo (at Vega, the salon).

Art that disturbs

TEL AVIV: Visual artist David Reeb's exhibition Disturbance challenges Israel's big taboo: the occupation of Palestine.

Small bits of beauty

EVERYDAY IN GAZA: The film portrays the resignation that is, in effect, a desire to find life and happiness in the midst of all the tragedies.

The legacy of Atatürk

The man who founded Turkey as a modern state in 1923 did so on authoritarian grounds. Thus, Erdogan and Atatürk are just two cubits out of one piece, claims Halil Karaveli.

The fear of the invisible

Behind both Islamic State and right-wing groups, exactly the same mechanisms act as a driving force, points out German author and journalist Carolin Emke. In her book, she draws on the great perspectives.

Over-matured economy

In his new book, Allan Nasser takes a useful account of the myth of the United States as the country where anyone can realize their dreams.