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Daymokh, The Ancestral Land Director Masha Novikova

No nation without (macho) culture

Chechnya: The great thing about Masha Novikova's latest film is how the film gradually gives you a sense of what's going on just below the surface.

When your country is against you

BLACK PANTS: Robert Minervini's new documentary portrays civil rightsless people in New Orleans and their struggle to survive in a country that has apparently failed them.
Woodstock festival

Looking back at the world's biggest hippie party

WOODSTOCK: The American television company PBS has produced a new documentary about one of the key events in modern American history.

Molenbeek seen through children's eyes

childhood: Gods of Molenbeek is a very good example of how to introduce all kinds of thoughts about God, gods and eternity to a young audience.

On a tour with PJ Harvey

HARVEY: You don't know PJ Harvey and her music from before, maybe A Dog Called Money make you more curious about this artist.