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In these Nobel times

There will be no Nobel banquet in Stockholm on December 10!

The biggest narcissist in the room

JUMPED OF: Former Security Adviser John Bolton hastens to shape his legacy, while securing plenty of enemies with his White House revelations.
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"A murderous system"

SWEDEN ACCUSED: Why does the Swedish authorities not cooperate with the UN mechanisms and respect principles of openness, accountability and law when it comes to the Assange case, asks the former Swedish editor-in-chief Arne Ruth.

"A murderous system"

SWEDEN ACTIONS: Why do not Swedish authorities cooperate with the UN mechanisms and respect the principles of transparency, accountability and law when it comes to the Assange case, asks Swedish Arne Ruth.
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The joiner Joe Biden calms down

THE LID CANDIDATE: The past catches up with presidential candidate Joe Biden, who strives to refute and belittle what the media calls "lies and spin-offs."
October 1981: This basic support of the Russian submarine is by no means representative of the submarine activity in the Swedish archipelago, where Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States were also active. Despite hundreds of media reports, there is no evidence that Soviet submarines have violated Swedish territory since October 1881, according to US Secretary of Defense Weinberger.

When Sweden was deceived

ENEMY IMAGES: What do we really know about hidden activities, power games and secret submarine operations in Swedish waters?
If Assange is convicted, it is a death blow to freedom of the press

"A murderous system is being created"

Assange: "If Julian Assange is convicted, a murderous system is about to emerge right before our eyes. It will be the death knell for the freedom of the press and the legal community, ”says Nils Melzer, UN Special Rapporteur on Torture.
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The essence of Africa

Migrations, language families and trade routes: Tore Linné Eriksen's Africa book is a door opener with its many short, thematic stories. But does he succeed in delivering what he promises?

This fall comes the UN report on Dag Hammarskjöld's death

Plane crash: A nearly 60 year old and possible criminal case is set in motion. Are we getting closer to an answer to the questions about Hammarskjöld's plane crash?

Whistleblowers - People's Enemies?

fearless: A living democracy, a living press, and the rule of law are interconnected and depend on the taking of whistleblowers seriously. MODERN TIMES interviewed notifications and lawyer Kari Breirem, current with the book Promote justice and prevent injustice - about corruption, legal security and notification.

"I'm driving talks between President Trump and Kim ...

KOREA: 12. In June, South Korean President Moon Jae-in was received by King Harald during the country's first official state visit to Norway. Moon talked about the devastating impact of "structural violence" the division of his country had on both North and South Korea, and about "positive peace".

I'm Julian

Assange: Ultimately, it is about the right and moral duty to expose war crimes.
Julian Assange

Today it is Assange. Who's next?

THE ABUSE OF POWER: What will the arrest of Assange mean for freedom of the press and respect for law?
Ilhan Omar

"When did the description of reality become anti-Semitic?"

US Congress Representative Ilhan Omar is accused of anti-Semitism.

More than her husband's wife

Anna Lisbet Christina Palme is dead, 87 years old. It is more than 30 years since she became a widow, yet the chronologists are characterized by the murder of her husband. But Lisbet Palme deserves headlines for what she did in life.

No longer valid?

Former Minister for Integration Listhaug boasted that "Norway today has Europe's strictest immigration policy". The contrast to the national hero Nansen's humanitarian work after the First World War could hardly be greater?

Damning rhetoric

The media's demonization of North Korea has made us stupid. What will the world say when the devil Kim and the mad Trump receive the Nobel Peace Prize?

North and South Korea can come together - with Russia's help

In recent months, talks have been held between Russia and South Korea to establish new and peaceful development processes in the area.

Johan Galtung: Security does not give peace - peace gives security

MODERN TIMES has visited peace research founder Johan Galtung at his home in Spain. Now he is 87 - and still in full swing.

Dag Hammarskjöld, seer and explorer

The official and the spirit man Dag Hammarskjöld were not opposites but enriched each other mutually, according to his biographer Roger Lipsey.

Time to see Korea

It has been completely under the radar of Western media that there has just been a revolution in South Korea.

12 questions to our new Foreign Minister

Today's flare-up of the nuclear war threat has again put Korea on the agenda. For 67 years, the Korea Peninsula has been in a devastating war involving the world's great powers.

Attempt to heal a bleeding continent

Eirik Vold's book about Hugo Chávez's life and the story of the Latin American liberation struggle is very readable.

When the end is good, everything is great!

Seretse Khama and Ruth Williams were banished when they got married. Now their history is being used to uncover more abuses on the road to the self-determination of African colonial states.