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Without a thread Bjørneboe

Despite the pornography

Sigurd Evensmo about Bjørneboes Without a Thread. Orientering No. 37, 1966
The map shows where the most important discoveries have been made in the North Sea.

Who will decide on Norwegian oil?

OIL: Opinion in Norway must now be mobilized to fight to get the revenues from oil extraction from the sources off the Norwegian coast to benefit the population in the country. Now the question of extraction, landing and rationalization must be removed from the experts and become a political question. If it is not traded quickly, the oil will be extracted by foreign companies and further processed by the same groups abroad, where the profit will also end up.
Book tips for the summer. (Photo: Pixabay)

Recommended literature this summer

Book tips MODERN TIMES's critics and editors recommend books for the summer holidays.


ORIENTATION JUNE 1970: A young Vietnamese woman told of the torture in Con Son's prisons.

England hardly into the EEC

ORIENTATION MARCH 7, 1970: Strong opposition in Labor.
Photo: Finnmark County Library

The Sami minority is suppressed in the Nordic countries

ORIENTATION February 21, 1970


21. 2. 1970 President

35 books from Pax this spring

7. 2. 1970 From Karl Marx to current debate books.

Palm increases Vietnam support - US economic reprisals?

ORIENTATION 11.10.1969 After Sweden has decided to provide extensive financial support for the construction of North Vietnam, the US criminal measures start a new round.

Ho Chi Minh's wills

ORIENTATION 25.10.1969 At the solemn ceremony in memory of Ho Chi Minh in Hanoi 10. in September, Lo Duan, first secretary of the Vietnamese Labor Party, read this political will from Ho Chi Minh:

Can We Learn Something About An American Salary?

MODERN TIMES brings in connection with the summer and the newspaper's head an extract of the book Borgerlønn.


Why fake accounts dominate Instagram.

Movie of the Month in June

About a War asks: What happens when the war is over?

The Cold War

When NATO history is written in Norway, it is always the "coup in Czechoslovakia" that is the starting point. (ORIENTATION 22. APRIL 1969)
The SF meeting in February February 1969

Membership in the superpower blocs has become a threat to the countries themselves

ORIENTATION 22. April 1969: Today, it is clearer than ever that it is the power politics of the great powers that threaten the peace of the world.

But now it's perfect

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MODERN TIMES establishes editorial boards

MODERN TIMES has now established an editorial board, and we choose to present them here.

The farmer in the eye of the storm

Norwegians who are not farmers themselves, have easy to shrug their shoulders when it comes to agriculture. Even if it is...

Assistance concerns at the height of 10 000 meters

This entry is posted at 10 000 meters above sea level in a flight en route from Oslo to Nicaragua to visit the Development Fund's partners in ...
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