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Fish & Men

The monstrous cost of the cheap fish

FISHING INDUSTRY: The United States imports 91 percent of all food fish from the other side of the globe, and fish intake is limited to five varieties while ancient coastal communities are in ruins. In Cambodia, the seabed is being emptied and emptied of illegal fishing from Vietnam. The theme is gloomy, but two different documentaries find bright spots.
On The Rocks

Bittersweet comedy in New York

DRAMA COMEDY: Director Sofia Coppola and actress Bill Murray were successful Lost in Translation and are now reunited in On The Rocks, in which Murray portrays a skirt hunter who is never far from a dry martini.
Y-block interior

Short film program about the Y-block and the vulnerability of architecture

ARCHITECTURE: Two films about the Y-block have, in the shelter of the ongoing demolition, become both documentation of ideological oscillations and mourning hymns over a lost time.
Demonstration Y-block

Arrested and put on smooth cell for Y block

Y-Block: Five protesters were led away yesterday, including Ellen de Vibe, former director of the Oslo Planning and Building Agency. At the same time, the Y interior ended up in containers.
Adam Director Maryam Touzani Morocco, France and Belgium

Sensible Arabic film-painting

WOMEN: A sensual and strong relationship between women without a touch of Hollywood feel.

Saudi women's struggle mediated with soap aesthetics

CLOSED SOCIETY: The fight for equality and justice in a gender-divided everyday life is the theme of al-Mansour's fourth feature film Maryam, an "adult version" of the first movie Wadjda.
Our Time Machine Directors S. Leo Chiang and Yang Sun

A need for dad

TIME MACHINE: Concept artist Maleonn uses puppets to make contact with his demented father.

The shaman and the Norwegian engineer

cohesion: The expectation of a paradise free of modern progress became the opposite, but most of all, Newtopia is about two very different men who support and help each other when life is at its most brutal.

The Y-block: The tragedy of the nation

ARCHITECTURE: Don't let our elected officials complete what the terrorist bomb failed.
PHOTO: Lene Marie Fossen

Skinless exposure

RAW POWER: shameless uses Lene Marie Fossen's own tortured body as a canvas for grief, pain and longing in her series of self portraits - relevant both in the documentary self Portrait and in the Gatekeeper exhibition, both of which premiered January 17.
Illustrations: Simone Hooymansvideo

Post-apocalyptic animation

warning: Can a hand-painted animated film convey the turmoil of a notified climate collapse?
You will die at twenty

Colorful about fatal prejudice

injustice: Superstition and prophecy provide the framework for a story in which a curse says that the main character will die before he turns twenty.
Khartoum Offside

Football bans and women's matches

SUDANIC WOMEN'S FOOTBALL: When the African dream is not to meet the right, but to play on the national team.

The explosive power of the snapshot

ABOUT THE PHOTO BOOK: An intense and multifaceted conversation in several layers about the photo book, which with its contextual premise heightens the snapshot.

Genocide in seductive colors

GENOCIDE: Exceptional photo book gives a shocking insight into the genocide of the Rohingya.

protest festival

ALTERNATIVE FESTIVAL: The headwind festival is the proof that a cultural festival of the highest quality can be conducted without ethically questionable sponsorship funds
The queen

When the victims' defense goes wrong

#METOO: Fate-pregnant family relationships and abuse of power can be a success formula for film. The Queen offers a nuanced female abuser.

Currency of visibility

PHOTOGRAPH: Hannah Starkey's retrospective photo book depicts a maturing journey in women's eyes.

The refugee crisis, the fear and the free Finnish woman

lampoons: This intense, searing and screaming comedy is typical of a generation of young, rootless women.
Here Smell Director Alex Ross Perry

Smelly and bad punk portrait

STAR SLAM: Even if you have never liked punk, you should still bring along this tender and painfully riveting epic from a rough girl band environment from the US 90.
Manila Lover

Slive kick about power play in intimate relationships

WORLD PREMIERE: For the first time in 16 years, a Norwegian short film has been selected for the critique week in Cannes.

Camera women in the firing line

PHOTOGRAPH: A diverse selection of skilled war photographers is highlighted in oblivion in two new exhibitions at the Preus museum: War Time (1935 – 1950) and Lee Miller.

People without filters

Travelogue: Some films have a rare ability to move the viewer in time and space. Visual artist Astrid J. Johannessen's last two video essays have this marvelous power.

Purchase process in Harlem

The Norwegian documentary premieres during this year's Berlin festival: A sensory-rich dissemination in Lene Berg's playful, wonder and disturbing False Belief.

Dandelion of the West Bank

LANYARD: What Walaa Wants portrays a child growing up in the shadow of Israeli occupation and Palestinian freedom struggle, in the Balata refugee camp in the West Bank.
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