Steffen Moestrup. (41 articles) Permanent contributor to MODERN TIMES.

Only ordinary people

EASTERN EUROPE: Thomas Ubbesen and his wife have written a human-like account of the people who lived on the right side of the wall.

Man is like the flower

THE FUTURE: We live in a MODERN TIMES age where artificial intelligence evolves on its own and becomes our rescue, not our death. It will only happen a little later.

Kierkegaard as a thinker of the time

literary critic: A selection of Søren Kierkegaard's magazine articles is no easy introduction to his thinking. In contrast, they act as a marker of the thinker as the voice of his time.

Man should enter into a contract between the living, the dead ...

Denmark's former Foreign Minister Per Stig Møller has authored a book on the world's challenges. It is dystopian, but Møller also offers suggestions for solutions.

Bleak dystopia, flimsy hope

Denmark's former Foreign Minister Per Stig Møller has authored a book on the world's challenges. It is deeply dystopian, but Møller also comes up with suggestions for solutions.

The self-destruction spasms

With Revolution, the controversial Danish playwright Christian Lollike exhibits modern man's paralysis and powerlessness.

Why are we so afraid of terror?

Dangerous is an easy-to-read and good book about the causes of all our unfounded fears.

Planless walks

In her quest for the peculiar Norwegian, the Danish author Suzanne Brøgger delivers a very fragmentary and disjointed text.

The fake refugee

Theater man Kristian Husted goes undercover as a refugee, but unfortunately gets too little out of the transformation.

The sweat of the work

The book Move Fast and Break Things draws sharp criticism of Google, Facebook and Amazon, but at the same time is partly romantic and uninhibited.

With the ego as goal and method

11.11.11 is the story of a Danish businessman's possible participation in a very special smuggling story, but most of all, a story about I-journalist Mads Brügger.

The devil in the distractions

Solitude is at times an interesting reflection on the many qualities of loneliness, in a time when we are almost always associated with others.

At Berkeley: Right wing on freedom of speech

The University of Berkeley is again at stake in the debate on freedom of expression. But this time it is the right wing that is leading.

An intellectual ode to Snowden, Assange and Manning

Snowden, Assange and Manning represent a whole new way of resisting. The Art of Revolt is as radical and original in its thinking as the three aforementioned notices are in their resistance work.

Campaigns from Trump countries

The shock that followed the American election is about to subside. Now it has to be traded.

The writing of the aging man

90-year-old Torben Brostrøm and 80-year-old Jørgen Leth give us experienced words about old age, life and death.

Burning banalities

Christina Hagen makes a sharp stance on political correctness - but the confusion of style expressions clashes with criticism.

Hope in front of the abyss

European intellectuals discuss the continent's crisis in an engaging way in the debate book Endestation Europa.

A furious ride on capitalism

Bernard Maris' reading of Michel Houellebecq's work is an essential and well-founded critique of capitalism.

To share is to live

We all live in the nation Facebook - so we should mobilize a critical understanding of how this nation works.

Indian politics: The party of ordinary people

The Indian documentary An Insignificant Man is an interesting picture of how a political movement can emerge and gain momentum.

The hacked body

Physical implants that are injected into the body. Cyborgs with antennas. Women who monitor the ovulation through software. The body hackers tell us something about modern man's relationship to technology.

Investigative journalism in a digital age

Tanned media figures such as Noam Chomsky and Glen Greenwald interestingly discuss the terms of investigative journalism in Fred Peabody's documentary film All Governments Lie.

Empathy in games

The Sidra Project aims to get Canadian citizens involved in the refugee challenges.

The living image as recognition

The use of photography and film for ethnographic purposes is nothing new. But vivid images are more than just entertainment and storytelling.