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Programmatic programs

Overwhelming reading is scarce, but lacks language and high-pitchedness despite: Give party programs a chance in the run-up to the election.

[election] It is completely wrong to say that it has been a disorder to read through all party programs – as they are posted on the internet – before the municipal election in Oslo. You actually learn quite a lot from reading what the parties claim to stand for, and I would encourage everyone to study the programs – not only to make a more informed choice, but also to understand what the local politicians are actually doing. Too few are genuinely concerned with local politics, and we certainly do not get too much backing from centralist media that let the usual national political frontrunners talk about anything other than the specific issues this election is actually about.

This year's election campaign has also been deadly boring. That Martin Kolberg in the early phase of the fesjå went out and called the election a referendum on the red-green project, helped to holmgangificate it all. For local election campaign is not necessarily about ideological duel. No, even RV / Rødt's mayoral candidates around the country emphasize the solution-oriented of local politics. . .

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